Thursday, February 26, 2009

The philosopher pointed out that I haven't posted here in too long. "Get back to work." he said. Well, not really, but close enough. So here I am. I dunno-- sometimes I have a lot to say, but if I'm actually being creatively productive, I have less interest in blogging. Thus you can infer that I've been a busy beaver lately.

We went to St. Louis last weekend to see Spring Awakening at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. I'm not so into musicals, so I will refrain from comment with respect to the performance, but the theater! Wow. If you've never seen pictures, think the most amazingly over-the-top 1920s orientalist architecture. So much detail. I had trouble engaging in conversation because I kept gaping at my surroundings.

We also visited the Craft Alliance gallery, which happened to be in the final weekend of an exhibit of contemporary art jewelry. I emerged refreshed and inspired. My favorite pieces were Donna D'Aquino's bracelets. An interesting trend even among the handful of artists in this exhibit was the need to point out that the jewelry can be displayed on a wall or on a pedestal, you know, like real art. If you try hard enough, why, you might even be able to forget entirely that it's potentially functional [tongue planted firmly in cheek]. Of course, that's something I do in my art fair booth, so I'm not mocking-- far from it. It just shows how jewelry artists are so very conscious that they work on the border between two disciplines-- lean a little one way and you're in design, lean the other and you're doing Art. Encouraging storage of jewelry in frames is one way of leaning really hard to make viewer's perceptions swing over to Art. It's a pity we have to work that angle so hard.

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