Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Results of my latest dyeing adventures. These colors make me want to do backflips of joy.

A nice transition from purple to gold (see the purple in the lower left below?)...hard to get because of the weird muddy grey that results if the colors mix too much.

I've already started turning this paper into pendants. Stay tuned for the results.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay, this post has very little to do with art or jewelry making, but here's the tie-in: every second Saturday I do an art show at the Bloomington farmer's market. No show today, but I went to the farmer's market anyway (as I do religiously during the season). That's all, that's the tie-in. Now I will talk about produce.

The farmer's market induces in me a sort of mania. I go to the market and find myself salivating and circling like a starving shark. However much money I have on me, I spend. I have developed a market shopping strategy that has the down side of causing me to wander around the market much longer than strictly necessary but results in me buying the best available versions of my top-priority items: first I wander around to see what's available, then I decide what are the must-haves and which are would-likes. Then I go back around and buy the best version of the must-haves, then do another circuit to pick up some lower priority items. Then I count my money, and do another round if possible. I always end up with some regrets at things not purchased; in particular, items that are plentiful and just coming into season will lose out to more ephemeral veggies. And I always seem to regret not buying more tomatoes.

This week, I scored corn (first corn of the season! It wasn't there last week), blueberries, peaches, a small cabbage, an onion, and some tomatoes. Regretfully passed on the fresh basil, black raspberries, blackberries, fresh currants (probably should have gotten those, I don't see them very often), and those tiny purple and white striped eggplants. There will be time for eggplants later, I reasoned. Eggplant is only beginning to come into its own.

Oh, and just a note about a peculiar phenomena puzzling to those new to the Bloomington market: you will notice a very long line for one vendor, and will wonder, "why are all these people standing in line in the hot sun?". The answer is: corn. The next question will be, "is the corn really THAT good?" The answer is: yes. Now get in the line. Seriously. It took me a couple of years to work up the curiousity to stand in line and see what all the fuss was about; now I won't buy my corn anywhere else, and somewhat regret those wasted years of second-best corn.

Ok, I suppose I've illustrated my summer produce mania all too well.... My next art show at the market is July 11, so come on out and make sure to get there with plenty of time to stand in the corn line!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've finally added a pair of the purple Amara Collection earrings to the storefront! The paper beads are 1 inch in diameter, so from top of the ear wire to the bottom of the spiral, they measure a little over 2 inches long. Nice handmade 18 gauge ear wires, all in sterling silver. I think the purple was indeed just what the collection needed to jazz it up a little.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here and Now earrings

New to the storefront: a summery pair of petal earrings, one lettered with 'here' and the other with 'now'. These show off my hand dyed-paper, transforming from purple-pink to cheery aqua. Accented with an amethyst rondelle. As always, the wires are sterling silver.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock the Shops!

Well, the Fair on the Square went well-- busy in the morning, but for some reason the crowd slowed down once the temperature started climbing past 85. I can't imagine why. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon holding a cup of iced tea to my forehead and wishing some clouds would float by to give us a break for a little while.

My next show will be the July 11th Fair of the Arts (at the Bloomington farmer's market, 8am-1pm).

In the meantime, there's a very exciting event happening this Friday, June 26th. First of all, the B Line Trail is finally opening! (That's Bloomington's rails to trails project through the middle of town that's been in the works for years now). Hurrah! And the same day, from 5-10 pm, a serious shopping and music event in downtown Bloomington-- Rock the Shops! It's a benefit to try to inject some financial and moral support into the shops that make up the heart of downtown. There's a looonnngg list of musicians and writers who are giving a free concert/readings to lure folks downtown (Carrie Newcomer, Krista Detor, Monika Herzig, and many, many more). Most of the shops on the square will have special deals and festivities of various sorts going on. The music will be centered at the Wandering Turtle, but if you come, be sure to take a thorough mosey around the square. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just a quick post-- all day today (Saturday the 20th) I'll be at the Arts Fair on the Square in Bloomington. (I'm in booth #39 if you want to say howdy). Lots of things going on this weekend-- Taste of Bloomington, the Fair on the Square...well, ok, those are the only two things I know about, but they're exciting! Come on out and enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I haven't fully deployed the Amara Collection yet-- this is the one featuring my batik papers, a portion of the sales of which will be going to benefit the Stephen Lewis
Foundation. I put them out in my booth at a couple of recent shows, but decided that the assortment wasn't quite colorful enough yet to attract the attention they deserve. So this week I did some more batiking and came up with this lovely purple shade that should help mix things up a bit. Although it's purple and not blue, the deep tones remind me a bit of indigo cloth. Once I have a good assortment completed, I'll be adding them to my storefront for purchase.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival has concluded-- a very nice show for those who love fiber-- lots of colorful dyed yarn, roving, and knitting/felting gear. And finished items. This weekend, as is usual at this show, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I can possibly incorporate some of this wonderful fiber into my work. I haven't figured it out yet, but one of these days, by golly, I'll do it. Actually I got quite a few very good suggestions along these lines from people there-- one of the benefits of a show where not only the exhibitors but also most of the guests are artists.

Next weekend is my first Fair of the Arts for the season. This show is in conjunction with the Bloomington Farmer's Market-- since it's only a half day, you have to plan accordingly-- but hey, you can go to the farmer's market, too (bonus!). The market is really hitting its stride about now, too-- greens and strawberries and some summer veggies starting to come in, plus the perennial cheeses, meats, mushrooms, maple syrup, coffee, wine...oh yeah.