Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been continuing the Great Blog Improvement Brainstorming Session. Here are my ideas:

1. Blog with greater frequency.

2. Use more exclamation points, to lend an air of excitement and provide continuity with my business name, My Word!

3. New features, including:
  • Here's something I made! (once a week at least)
  • Here's something someone else made! (once a week at most)
  • Here's a shop who now has my jewelry, or who has a fresh batch! (as often as possible)
  • Here is a Useful Tip! (Weekly. I'll try to keep it art-related, but no promises)
  • Jewelry eggheaditude! In which I indulge my academic urges and opine insightfully about jewelry beliefs, practices, folklore, historiography around the world. Also I imagine there will be a lot of talk about performing one's identity. I'll also try to relate these ideas to my own work when possible. We're talking real content, here. I'll try to keep it to a minimum, but I'm afraid I must do it. I'll try to think of a catchy title for this series soon.
  • Here is something I did this week! Entertaining personal anecdotes.
  • The Randy Composter! A weekly short feature in which I update you on the progress of my compost piles. I'm not so sure about this one, but the purpose is to illustrate that I have a life outside of jewelry making and blogging. (I do! Really!)

So that's five weekly topics and two occasional topics, all highly entertaining, which include a smattering of themes which, if done in isolation, might be boring or pretentious or both, but when done together will, I hope, result in an ever-changing carousel of readability, illustrating the many facets of my work and life, while bringing you readers back over and over again. [10 points to anyone who can correctly diagram that sentence. X-bar diagrams only, please.]

The question that remains is, should I bring back Friday Cat Blogging? Or would that be too much?


Ginger and James said...

All good ideas! Although I might leave out some of those exclamation points. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna,
Definitely bring back Friday cat blogging! Ballyhoo fans miss the sweetie and want to hear more about him and now 2 sisters! Fans from Tennessee to Albany love the Friday cat stuff. Rumor has it that soon you'll have another subject to add to the blog???
A Tennessee reader