Friday, January 25, 2008

Meet Ballyhoo.

This is Ballyhoo, my bestest #1 kitty pal since 1998 or so. We like this picture because it looks like the one he'd use for the dustjacket photo if he ever got one of his books published. He writes poetry, though, and frankly it isn't very good, so I'm afraid there isn't much chance that he'll get to use this photo in that way. I keep telling him to try a different genre. I think he may be working on a mystery novel now, but he won't let me read it (I can't even find it! Where on earth could a cat hide an entire novel?! I have no trouble finding his hairballs even when he tries to hide them, so I find the whole thing mystifying. Apparently I underestimate him.)

Ballyhoo and Vindaloo like to hang out in my light box. Sometimes they move in when I'm in the midst of taking photos of jewelry. Of course.
Vindaloo is not a writer. She meows at birds and eats crickets she finds in the garage.

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