Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been remiss this week! I guess it's a bit of a habit. Sorry.
I've spent this week mostly restocking, making new items to fill the gaps that the fall has happily made in my inventory. I mailed some fresh earrings off to Braithwaite Studios, so if you happen to be in Dayton, Virginia, do go take a gander.
Tried a new thing with resin on recycled soda cans, and discovered (are you listening, resin artists?) that resin does not necessarily stick to aluminum. I made all these cute little earrings with hammered wire and resin domed on the grey side of a cut piece of soda can ('pop' to some of you, you know who you are), and discovered that if you try just a little, the soda can will pop right away from the resin once it's cured. AND (this is sort of exciting), it's shiny. Not matte. The result is kinda cool-- hammered silver embedded in clear resin--I'm sure there's a way to do something interesting with it, but not for me, not this week. Anyway, one morning's worth of work temporarily out the window.
I love to experiment, but it's irksome when the experiments don't work out. Yes, I know it's a stepping stone to bigger, better, more interesting things, but right now, it just feels like a minor setback, and it's still annoying. Phooey.
On the bright side, I'm having great fun expanding my wabi sabi line. Here's some eye candy for you. It's green and gold-- I guess we could call it wasabi wabi sabi.

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