Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week's language, Bengali (Bangla), spoken by scads of people in Bangladesh and India. I cheated on this one, I put both words on one pendant, mainly because I liked they way they looked in parallel. So I still owe Bengali at least one more piece, or up to 4 more if I use each of the two other forms of the imperative for each word. The form of the imperative varies depending on who is addressing whom-- you use one set of forms for juniors and close peers, another set for a parent or someone close but older, and another set for addressing with respect (think grandfather-in-law).
Anyway, I love the script and will be coming back to it again soon. Many thanks to Traci Nagle and Anupam Das for the translations and help with the script!
Why is the picture sideways? Ask Blogger, not me. I have uploaded three versions of it all with small tweaks to layout and different file names, and it puts them all sideways. I refuse to let this ruin my afternoon. If you turn your head just right, you will see [Son] on the first line ([S] is pronounced like English 'sh'), 'listen', and 'bol', 'tell (me)' on the second.

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