Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A new pendant listed in my shop:

This one uses a nifty resist technique I came up with-- I spread wheat paste on the paper, then take a calligraphy pen to it-- in this case, my crowquill. Then let it dry, or not, then dye as usual. The part where the paste has been scraped away leaves a pattern, and the background is a lighter shade of the same colors, so it all blends nicely. That's how I did the wavy pattern on the left of the pendant. The 'curious' is handlettered in ink.
The color is a sort of periwinkle-- I think that's a flower, right? But when I was growing up, the only periwinkles I knew of were the little mussels that lived at the waterline at the beach. They'd burrow in when the waves came up, and burrow back out again when the waves receded. Up, down, up, down, all day long, ticking your feet if you walked on them. They come in a range of colors, but not very many in periwinkle blue, and I always wondered why the color was named after them. Guess you could say I was curious. :)

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