Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday, and the cats are sleeping

No, no cat blogging today to speak of-- the cats are as disappointed by the continued presence of winter (we have a blowing snow warning today-- they're right, the snow does blow), and are protesting the situation by sleeping.

I myself have been busily working on planning my art show booth. I got some great feedback recently from someone in the know about how my booth could be improved on (summary: ditch the tables with tablecloths, try to get some pedestals to make it more gallery-like; and giant blown up photos of my work would be a good thing, too), and am in a rush to implement some of those improvements in time for deadlines to a couple of shows I really want to get into this year.

One thing I did was order some mesh walls from Flourish. It hurt, but I'll be glad I did it, since it basically cleans the whole thing up. Hopefully by the time they arrive, the snow will have gone away and I'll actually be able to set up my booth in my driveway and get a good shot of it. I will, of course, post the photos here when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Hey, weren't you going to post something about your collaboration with Jennifer Mulcahy?

Joanna said...

Yes! I still will, on Sunday. I want to finish listing (and more importantly, taking photos of) the pendants first.