Friday, March 14, 2008

I've had a cold this week, hence my absence. I have tried to press on in most daily matters, but it has removed some of my general enthusiasm for things.

Tuesday I went by Gallery 423 and dropped off a whole bunch of new work for spring. Saw Columbus' tree cozies-- so cute!. Failed to take pictures. Then pressed onward to Rising Sun, Indiana and then Cincinnati to do a little window shopping to locate stores that look like they might need to carry my work. The terrain between here and there is fraught with interest. I had a bit of a delayed reaction with the camera, though-- 3 minutes after we passed something, I'd say, "Oh, I should have gotten a picture of that ancient silo/falling down barn/abandoned factory. Oh, well."

I did take one of some cows, doing their best to blend in with a creek bank.

The plan for today and tomorrow was to go to Evansville and/or New Albany on another scouting outing, then onward to Nashville to visit with my philospher's parents who are up from Memphis for the day. I feel kinda cruddy, though. Not sure it is wise to go out into the world spreading my germs. *cough*

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