Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

Here it is, at long last: the cat who will do anything for 5 minutes of internet fame (shhh: don't tell her that being on my blog doesn't really count as fame). This is my mother-in-law's cat Dolly, who happened to be in the room when we were arranging the doll centerpieces for the baby shower we gave a couple of weeks back. She held still just long enough for me to get this shot, then beat a hasty retreat.

I've been reading this book that the philosopher found for me-- a mystery in which the sleuths are sheep. Their shepherd George has been murdered! It's quite good. I've told Ballyhoo that he should read it when I'm done-- maybe reading another non-anthro-centric mystery novel would help inspire him as he works on his. He's skeptical. A little disappointed, I think, that he himself isn't going to be the one to invent the animal mystery genre. Also, he says he can't believe a sheep could be a good writer. As if he's even ever met a sheep! He's from Gainesville, Florida, for cryin' out loud-- when would he have had opportunity to form opinions about sheep?! Even putting aside the fact that the writer was probably not a sheep. That's beside the point.

Cats. Sooo stubborn, and not nearly as worldly as they think they are.

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