Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, then when we got home, there were severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches, and so no cat blogging. It rained (with lots of loud thunder and lightening) all night long, and this morning when we dutifully tried to drive back to the festival, we found that EVERY ROAD that would have taken us there was flooded. We saw serious flooding in Martinsville--like, cars in it up to their windows, and lots of houses flooded, fields turned into lakes, and so on. One side road we tried to take (I know-- like the side road was gonna be clear) had turned into a raging river about 8 feet deep. Um, yeah, time to turn around.

So I'm wondering whether the building the festival is in has flooded, and whether or not I'll find that I have any non-soggy inventory left when I get there. But given the devastation I saw in some areas we passed by this morning, I'm really feeling pretty fortunate.

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