Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm in lovely Lake Luzerne, NY this week, which is near Corinth, which is near Saratoga Springs, which has horses. 

I managed to get a cold, and have a nice sore throat today coupled with foreshadowings of a runny nose to come. I blame the airports and all the people at them.

Not content to simply relax (or rather, when you're an artist, relaxation and work match up rather nicely), I bought some nice paper and gouache at the art supply store in Saratoga. Now I just need to make me one of those soda can pens, and I'll be good to go.  The art supply store was actually in the back of a ghastly tourist sundries store, which had the most spectacularly ugly hats I've seen in some time. But the art store portion itself was remarkably well stocked, and arrayed like a good used book store-- some digging was necessary, but treasures were there to be found. Nothing makes me quite as happy as shopping for art supplies.

Also popped into a couple of galleries, and bought a pair of mugs by Marge Margulies.  Mine is green on the outside and aqua inside, and has no handle. The philosopher picked a dark red one with a handle.

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