Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday is farmer's market day! Stood in the corn line for another dozen ears today-- at this one family's stand, there's always this really long line this time of year. People new to the area see us waiting and ask, "what's so great about this corn? Why is everyone standing in this line?-- it's not as if they're the only corn vendors there. Well, then one day you get there early enough that the line is short enough, and you try it to see what the fuss is all about. Then you see. It's the sweetest corn at the market. I buy extra every week so I have 4-5 pounds to freeze to hold me through the winter till the next summer. In mid-February, it tastes even sweeter.

It was also pear and plum week at the one fruit stand I like-- Olde Lane Orchard-- I like to make jam/preserves and give it away at the holidays. (And also eat it myself). I've already made several jars of peach jam, which I do every year (this year, it's triple lemon peach: peach infused with lemon verbena, lemon thyme, and lemon zest). I haven't made pear preserves yet because the pears are always too good and I end up eating them all. I got 2 boxes today, hopefully that will be enough. This time of year I live on watermelon, peaches, pears, tomatoes, and corn.

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with the idea of doing some 2D work-- in particular, dyed paper, mosaic, and calligraphy on gallery-wrapped canvases. It was a bit of a puzzle since I know nothing about things 2D -- such as whether paper will stick to canvas, what to coat it with to protect it, etc. etc. Did some research and finally I bought a little canvas and gave it a try. Dyed paper affixed to a stretch canvas with wheat paste, then coated with matte medium and acrylic varnish. Here's the result! I think it's promising.

My experiment in rust and midnight.


tatsuko said...

I love the colours!

JMW Jewelry said...

beautiful! it looks like a picture of a galaxy or something