Friday, August 8, 2008

Next language up: Crow, an endangered language of southern Montana. My first try at a Native American language.

Have I mentioned that I'm loving this project? I think I have, but it bears repeating. I get to play with what I love about language, see what kinds of cool things different languages have in their grammars. All just for the joy of it. This love of language variation is what got me into linguistics in the first place. Now instead of writing papers on it, I get to...hmm...write it on paper. Hmmm. And wear it on my sleeve for all to see, instead of having like, all of five people ever read what I've written.

Enough! On to the jewelry, performed for you today in Crow....

'dissikisshih' I'm translating as 'dance your heart out'-- 'disshi-' is 'dance', and the '-kisshih' part is the 'sportive' suffix, meaning to do something with energy and a spirit of fun.

And here's 'listen', diikukkuh.
Of course, I also did 'tell me', and of course, guess what Blogger did? Yep. Turned it sideways. I retook the photo and tried to upload a whole new file, to no avail. So weird. Sorry to keep whining about this but it does it EVERY TIME I upload photos. And that makes me whiny.
You can see the other one here.

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