Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm back! Actually, I've been back for a few days. It just takes me a while to get back on track again after travel.

Visited the mall with my mom the weekend after Christmas-- no crowds, I'm sorry to say. I don't like mall crowds, but it would have cheered me up a bit to witness one this year. Alas, no. Anyway, I got to see the spring fashion collections in action. Yech. The colors are indeed the ones in the Pantone Color Report 2009, but what they've done with them! Not for me. Too much bright and not enough neutral, in my opinion. Instead of a neutral with pops of color, it's more like fields of eye-straining color with a tad of neutral to be searched out if you can bear to look long enough.

Everyone's a critic, I know. I've been playing with the same colors, but the neutrals temper things a bit in what I'm doing so far. My neutral of choice for the spring is soft grey, livened up with pops of spring green, yellow, tangerine. Fun, but not painful. Maybe I'm still in a winter mood (why would that be? Just because it's early January?!).
For your delectation, here's a mosaic pendant in the new colors:

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