Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Cupcake Blogging

Today is my philosopher's birthday. He's in the midst of hosting a conference he helped organize; for some reason, I volunteered to make celebratory cupcakes for everyone at the conference. Now, it's not a big conference, only about 40 people. And I like baking. Still, I've been at it nonstop since 11am, and have to say I'm pretty darn tuckered at this point.

I made 3 kinds. Exhibit 1: yellow cake with chocolate frosting and chopped toffee for garnish.

Exhibit 2: chocolate espresso cupcakes with rum frosting and toasted pecans.

Exhibit 3: Lemon mini cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing and crystallized ginger.

Then, disaster! The cooling rack slipped, the cupcakes were in peril! It's ok, this is the only one that actually hit the ground. A few others landed on the counter, a couple slid sideways into each other, but were entirely salvageable. Gave me a good excuse to try a sample, anyway.

Now I just have to go finish getting prepared for my weekend in the gallery booth at the Broad Ripple art fair.

Oh, and because it is Friday, here's a random cat picture. Ballyhoo, enjoying the sun and wishing I'd put the camera down and scratch him.


hellokwiddy said...

how do you get your cupcakes frosted so perfectly?! whenever i frost my cupcakes, they come out all boring looking and not pretty like yours. ):

Joanna said...

I use a pastry bag with a decorative tip and pipe the frosting on. A wide (1/2 inch?) round tip for the smooth dollop of frosting look, or a 1/4 inch round or big star-shaped tip for the others. It isn't hard at all once you get the hang of it, and it's actually faster than frosting with a knife!