Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow! It sure did rain on Sunday. And was there wind, you ask? Yes. Yes, there was. Luckily I had insisted on making a second set of weights for the canopy, so with 60+ pounds on each corner, it didn't go anywhere (unfortunately not the case for every artist at the show, alas).

We (the handful of us left in Artisan's Alley) were able to move into the building where the artist demos were taking place, and happily a few brave souls ventured up the hill in the rain to come visit us. My feet were wet all day, though, and when I got home I more or less immediately fell asleep (after calling my mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day, of course). Been on the same weird sleep schedule ever since: falling asleep almost against my will around 7:30 pm, sleeping till about 1am, then waking up. Got up last night and started some nice pieces. Wouldn't mind returning to normalcy, though.

Now I'm just getting ready for Broad Ripple-- I have a spot in the gallery booth. Looking forward to schmoozing with my fellow artists and enjoying the show! (Cross your fingers for us on the weather-- I'm not sure I'm ready for anoher weekend inthe rain quite yet).

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