Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Pirate Blogging

Arrr, today be 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'.

Ye know how ye can tell the difference betwixt a real pirate and the lubberly wretches what try to sound like pirates on this day each year? There be two true tests:

A) Them lubberly b*stards don't know how to tie a bowline knot and
B) They all say "Arrgh" instead of "Arrr". They be puttin a velar stop at the end of the word where no true pirate would ever put a velar. Whether there be or ain't a velarrr there is what we true pirates call the Shibboleth of our seafarin kind.

If yer lucky, ye'll be able to catch 'em up on the 'Arrr' and put the mangy curs to swabbin' the deck before they get the chance to screw things up with their lousy bowlines.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Arr, it is, oh it is, a glorious twist, to be the pirate linguist.

Now be gettin' yer cats to be doing something cute and cuddly, arr.