Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I recently joined the website to help me reach retailers. I'm off to a good start, I'm pleased to say! Once I get their orders in the mail to them, I'll have two new retailers to announce here.

Because of this move, though, I've had to make some adjustments to my Etsy site. I don't want to compete online with stores who are selling my work, so I've taken a few of my collections offline-- no more buying mosaics, Zowie polkadots, or alphabet pendants online from me directly, I'm afraid. I'll add a list of retailers here soon to help you find other places to access these collections. But don't worry, my Etsy shop will still carry one-of-a-kind pendants and earrings, Project Panglossia pieces, and (for now) floral pendants. Plus my ACEOS and 2D work.

I'm also brainstorming a few new lines, both for wholesale and just for my Etsy shop...stay tuned.

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