Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in full swing with my fall pallette these days. I'm crazy about olive this year-- it blends beautifully with a surprising range of colors, and I'm mixing it with everything.

I've also got these new mosaics, using funky asymmetrical forms. I think the balance is nice-- the palette is muted and sophisticated, but the shapes are a bit daring. I'm also really into the contrast between the straight lines in the paper tiles and the organic quality of the gemstone chips.

And these earrings! They're so light and bouncy. I'm delighted with this look.

Only one week until the Carmel show! Anything I can get started today will be ready for next weekend, so I'm going into overdrive to make a few more of these in time. Right now I only have this one pair of earrings completed, and that just won't do.

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