Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

I did try a garlic chives soup, and it was not bad-- chives, some fresh oregano, a potato, some actual garlic, chicken stock. Fry it up, then blend it. Stir in a little cream. A little more fibery than I would have predicted, but not bad. Unfortunately, it only used a vanishingly small portion of my available garlic chives, so I'm still looking for other things to do with them....

Lots of good cat pics this week-- here they are relaxing in what they think of as their sun cubicle, and which I think of as my light box.

Yes, Ballyhoo has been reading some James Joyce. He says that reading great writers will help him with his novel, which he still will not show me. We can only hope he's right about this, although it doesn't look like he's getting much reading done at this moment.

Not sure what they're looking at here.

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tatsuko said...

Awww, let me shake that big white paw. So nice that they're buddies! I'm still hoping for that for my cats...!