Sunday, April 6, 2008

The latest dye job

I've been playing in dye again! I can't get over these splotches (for lack of a more alluring word).
My last batch, the red drops, ended up turning into a necklace, a bracelet, several pendants, and a mini-calligraphy piece. I've already started on a new necklace with this blue and brown batch.
In other news, I refreshed the supplies at the Wandering Turtle this week (including leaving the aforementioned red inkdrop necklace with them), so if you're in the Bloomington area, do stop by and take a look! They've got a wonderful exhibit of spring florals up now, including some truly stunning 3-d work by Martina Celerin, who just when you think has produced the most amazing work possible, up and tops herself every time.

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