Saturday, February 2, 2008

I have no title for this post.

Away for the weekend, to attend the 60th wedding anniversary party for my philosopher's grandparents. I have had the luxury of getting to spend the morning in the hotel room proofreading things for Project Gutenberg, and just want to say again (I haven't said it here, but I have said it before elsewhere, and it bears repeating) that I love John Stuart Mill. I've been working on proofreading his "On the Subjection of Women", and have to say that it still rocks my socks off.  And my socks, my friend, are not easily off-rocked, be they my favorite argyles nor the ones with the little froggies on lilypads.  


Anonymous said...

I would note for the record that this Millification was none of my doing.

-Myword's philosopher

Wiki ya Kiswahili said...

I love reading your blogs. They are great! Wewe ni msanii wa kweli. Napenda sana kazi unayoifanya.