Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday cat blogging

I told Ballyhoo that it was cold out, but he didn't believe me. You can see how far he got before deciding that I was right.

I've gotten him to tell me a little about the novel. He claims that the reason there is no manuscript is because, as a cat, he is working within an entirely oral tradition. They have no history of producing written works; the true artist, he says, composes in his mind and commits the work entire to memory. Noble enough; I for one would not dare to argue, but I dont' see how he's going to get it published that way. To say nothing of the wisdom of trying to mix a purely written genre, the mystery novel, with oral tradition? I'm not too familiar with cat oral tradition, but I think it would be awkward at best, and I told him so. But you can see from the above picture how inclined he is to listen to me.

More on the novel next week. I think he likes talking about it, despite his affecting a preference for secrecy.


jewelstreet said...

lol. I like your blog. I love the names of your cats.

tatsuko said...

heeheeee! I love your cats' names too! One of mine likes the snow too! Scroll down here:
If it's ok, I'm adding your link to my blog list :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

Oh that picture is so funny! Poor thing! I can almost hear a yelp as he realizes he made a mistake!