Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ok, I guess this is when the blogging starts to get difficult. My philosopher, who is an avid blog reader, tells me that it is important to blog on a fixed schedule: I'm aiming for at least Sundays, Thursdays and Fridays too if I've gotten good pictures of the cats. So here it is, Sunday, and I have NOTHING to say. I've been making stuff, yes, but I'd rather show pictures of that later, when they're done. I haven't dyed any paper in the past few days, I haven't made any new recycled paper worth showing, no new bracelets. I haven't browsed Etsy much. Haven't taken any new pictures. Haven't prepared any photograph-worthy meals for myself ("here is my Lean Pocket I'm having for lunch. Mmm!)

Yesterday I did proofread about 30 pages of a biography of Ferdinand De Soto, the explorer who trudged through Florida and 'discovered' the Mississippi. Only got through part of his early life, though. Even so, boy, those Spanish explorers. De Soto was no Pizarro, as far as his brutality goes (the biographer makes a point of emphasizing this), but still. My point is, I may have more interesting facts to impart regarding DeSoto later, but at this time, not so much.

Oh, and I'm reading an article on the semantics of futurate uses of the present progressive. But I'm not quite halfway through, so can't talk about that (and probably shouldn't, even once I'm finished).

So here we are, with an entire entry about how I have nothing to day. I figured, I could have just dropped a sentence or two about De Soto and called it a day, but then you would all say "Wow, she really had nothing to say. Why'd she bother?" Now you know. Actually, while I was riding the exercise bicycle just now and listening to "This American Life", I came up with a good paragraph or two more riffing on this same topic: the exact type of nothing I have to say on a wide variety of topics. But I think you get the point.

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