Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been wanting to do some things in sage green, and finally managed to get the right shade! I'm pretty pleased with the patterns that emerged, too. Have I mentioned that I love dyeing paper? Because I do.

Oh, also, I know I just was talking about how I like to make chai from scratch and so on, but on a whim I bought some of Upton's black chai blend, and I really like it. Both boiled in milk or brewed in water with milk added. It's got zip. (Upton is not paying me to plug them, btw-- I just really like their tea! I've been a faithful customer since the mid 90s.)

Here's my current favorite teacup. I bought it this past fall at the Pink Palace Art show in Memphis, from Mudpuppy Studios. Simple, rough, and aesthetically pleasing. I also think it matches my new paper rather nicely.

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