Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yesterday we had a party for my philosopher's students, to lure them into his philosophical shenanigans-- specifically, his Experimental Epistemology lab. The idea is that if we ply grad students with enough cupcakes and beer, they will be willing to help him fight the good fight against the standard use of philosophical intuitions. We're not sure yet if it worked, but I made these cupcakes and I have leftovers, and the house is now clean, so I for one am happy. Due to all the housecleaning and cupcake-baking, however, I haven't made much this week. I did get a fresh supply of wire plus a little anvil I've been wanting for some time, and had a go at making earwires.

Here's the result! I'm pleased with them-- they feel very sturdy, and give the earrings a very polished look. I like them with my usual ear wires, but I love them with these handmade ones. It's like an earring makeover. And hammering is fun! (But we all knew that).

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Jessica Ziel said...

Very cool ear wires. Thanks for your thoughts, I should probably be focusing more globally than just *etsy* myself!