Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weekly papermaking report

More fun with squiggles! I bent a piece of wire into a pleasing shape and then couched the paper onto it. I think it'll make a great pendant-- it's about an inch and a half long. The other side has the pattern in concave relief, but I like the convex side slightly better for jewelry, I think.
I've been meaning to try seed paper, but haven't gotten around to buying flower seeds yet. However, I found these squash seeds that I had saved a couple of years ago but never got around to planting, and thought I'd see how they'd do. I doubt they'll germinate, but then, not really sure I'd want them to anyway. They do look neat! They were a little bit sticky when they got wet, so they bonded with the paper more than I expected-- you have to pry them out, they won't just pop out on their own.
Then I pressed the pulp over some of the netting that grocery store oranges come in. I like the resulting texture!

And for this next one, I had thrown some cheesecloth into a dyebath I had going the other day, and decided that it would look pretty nifty incorporated into paper. It's well embedded-- it won't just fall off when I bend the paper. Though I am tempted to peel it off to see what it looks like with just the imprint left, I think I'll leave this piece alone. I only did one of each type-- I can try the cheesecloth texture-only version next time. Neat-o!


Jessica Ziel said...

that looks so fun, I want to play with paper now.

tatsuko said...

Wow, gorgeous!